Heritage Hills Shuttle Bus and Transportation Information

1. The Heritage Hills shuttle service operates as follows:  pick-ups and drop-offs are Lake Lodge, Activities Center, 202 Plaza, Bailey Court, Elephant Hotel (Town Hall), DeCicco & Sons, Somers Town Plaza (CVS), Somers Professional Commons, Millpond Office Complex, Goldens Bridge Acme and Goldens Bridge Metro North Station. Only Heritage Hills residents in good standing and having a Heritage Hills ID tag may ride the shuttle. A Heritage Hills ID must be shown to the shuttle driver upon request.

2. The buses operate at specified times between the Activities Center parking area, Lake Lodge, the East and West Hill pickup spots ( units on B roads and the intersection of C roads at an A or B road) and drop off points when return is requested by riders.

3. Shuttle buses are not taxis and will only pick up discharge passengers at the designated times and locations. Priority is always given to riders going to the train station.

4. Reservations for the following day may only be made after 4:00 PM and must be made at least one hour prior to pickup time. Commuters may request placement on a permanent reservations list for pickup each day at the same time and place.

5. All passengers must be at their pick-up point five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Passengers must call Security if they decide to cancel their pick-up; repetitive no shows will result in loss of ridership.

6. Buses may move only when all passengers are seated.

7. Drivers are not permitted to pick up unscheduled persons.

8. Drivers may not leave their seats with passengers on board or engine running except in the event of an emergency where Security has been notified.

9. Drivers are responsible for reporting any untoward incident to Security so a formal incident report can be filed.

10. Drivers are required to report to Security the name and unit number of any passenger who is abusive, disruptive or compromises the safety of the driver, fellow passengers or equipment. Service to such riders will be suspended and can only be reinstated by the Heritage Hills Society Board upon the recommendation of the Transportation Committee following investigation and a hearing.

11.There is absolutely no smoking, eating and drinking permitted aboard a bus. Considering the short trip and confined space, cell phone use is also discouraged except for emergency use.

12. Animals: only service animals are permitted on the shuttles. Small pets of any kind sitting on a lap or in a carrier are not allowed on the Society shuttle.

13. Bicycles, shopping carts or any apparatus of any kind are NOT allowed on the Society shuttle.

Heritage Hills Shuttle Bus and Transportation Information